Fast more.

Not just from food.

But from other things.

Fast from work. Fast from social obligations. Fast from your ambition. Fast from firehose news feeds. Fast from shopping. Fast from playing games. Fast from creating content. Fast from programming. Fast from those shoes you always wear. Fast from fasting. Fast from speaking. Fast from highways and take local roads instead. Fast from the air conditioner. Fast from your AirPods. Fast from your jeans. Fast from sitting. Fast from your forks, your spoons, your butter knives. Fast from the microwave. Fast from hot water.

We fast not to deprive ourselves, but to experience something new. To shake the snowglobe of our reality. To beckon change that may blossom into creativity, reflection, and resilience.

Fasting can help us break out of auto-pilot. It can give us the space, silence, and whitespace we need to notice those things right in front of our eyes that we've learned to habitually gloss over.

In giving things up, we may stand to gain more.